Stop overpaying on your monthly bills.


NetQube MarketPlace, is a company who’s desire is to create the most connective MarketPlace on earth, by unleashing the fundamental value of each individual, one person at a time. Managing your bills can be a hassle, and you’re likely overpaying! Viv’s AutoPilot removes this stress and lowers your bills for you. You don’t pay unless we can help you save!

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We don't charge you unless we can save you money. We're that confident.

There’s no fee to begin our services. For most bill categories, we’ll go to work negotiating for you and split the savings with you when we successfully lower your bills. Now that’s peace of mind!


Wendy from Maryland saved $1,335.72 on 3 bills.
SiriusXM, Verizon, T-Mobile
Steve from New York saved $901.32 on 1 bill.
Time Warner Cable
Carol from Ohio saved $960 on 2 bills.
AT&T Wireless, Sprint
Kristen from Texas saved $999.32 on 3 bills.
Time Warner CableDirect Tv, AT&T Wireless, Grande Communications

Yep, your neighbors are probably paying less than you for the same services.

Yes, really. Millions of Americans are overpaying … to the tune of $60 billion per year. Your bill amounts go up every year, but guess what: you can do something about it!

Follow 3 simple steps to start saving!

Grab your bills and payment info and we’ll start negotiating for you!

Send us all your monthly bills including cable, wireless, internet, satellite, home security and more.

We will call your providers and negotiate for you for the exact same service and provider ... just less $!

You won’t pay a dime unless you save. You’ll pay us 40% of the savings each month you save. Easy peasy!

Ready to start saving? It’s risk-free and takes 4 mins!

Have your monthly bills ready.
Grab all the bills you’d like to save on each month.

Upload all your bills. 
You can provide PDFs or photos of your bills.

Add your payment info. 
Pay nothing if you don’t save. If we do find savings, we split the difference with you.