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Every day, entrepreneurs are finding that a side hustle has the ability to open doors to new opportunities—the opportunity to set your own hours, choose the projects you believe in, and further your career naturally by engaging people who become customers and future business partners.

Why Start a Side Hustle?

There are a million reasons why you could choose to take on a side gig, but some of the major ones include boosting your income, pursuing more satisfying work, or putting yourself through school.

Income boost

With wages at day jobs more or less stagnant over the past few years, it is only natural that those who want to thrive, rather than merely survive, will look for ways to monetize their off-hours. Especially for those who don’t have extensive commitments after work, a flexible and fun side hustle can be more like a productive hobby than a daily grind, all while lining your pockets.

Develop greater satisfaction with work

One thing many people complain about from their workdays is that they don’t sense the greater purpose of their work or they cannot directly see results from their efforts. Choosing a side gig with clear results can be a way to take more pride in your efforts and see through the eyes of your clients that you are making a difference.

Work while in school

School in the U.S. these days is expensive, whether you are interested in bettering yourself in general or working toward a degree for a future career. In the meantime, many people are too busy for a full-time job during school, but still need a source of cash-on-hand. Side gigs are a great, flexible option for adding income for students.

Steps for Beginning a Side Hustle

Research available side hustle opportunities

It isn’t a good idea to start out with just any job without thinking about it, so try to amass a list of options that might work for you. This way, as you start to narrow down the best option for you, you can discard options that don’t seem as fruitful.

Consider how long it will take you to earn a certain amount

Most people don’t need a huge sum from their side hustles, but they do still value their time. How will you make sure you hit your own goal for income while not taking up too many of your free hours?

Learn a bit about freelancer income tax

Freelancers file taxes differently, and the organizations you consult for will send a 1099, usually, rather than the W-2 you may be used to. Read up on how to file taxes well so that you won’t get overwhelmed.

Send off your application

Most organizations who hire consultants as independent contractors will have a fairly straightforward application process.

Scalable Work: Side Hustle as a Viv Life Consultant

One way to start a side hustle is to work as a Viv Life Consultant representing products that make life better for thousands of consumers. Viv Life Consultants work on their own schedule and use relationship and digital marketing to simply introduce those they come in contact with to a wide and growing suite of products and services that better the lives of those around them. Unlike other similar opportunities, Viv doesn’t limit its consultants to offering only one product or service category, and Viv’s products offer tangible, unique value anyone can be proud to advocate for. By enrolling customers and teaching others to do the same, this side hustle opportunity gives you access to an amazing support community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and the potential for significant earning potential, and ease of useall on your own schedule. At the same time, even though you are working for yourself on your own time as an independent contractor, you have all the support you needwith access to incredible resources, tools and training from Viv.

Growing a Side Hustle

Many side hustles require substantial hustle to see them grow; this means thinking beyond merely the hours you put in. The competitive part of all of us wants to see our business prosper, and this is just as true with a side hustle as with any other job you love. Here are some ways to see your earnings improve:

Leverage all the ways to earn

For instance, Viv gives you six different ways to earn as part of your home-based business. Often, a side hustle will only have one single method to boost your earnings.

Build a team

Finding clientele is less difficult if you have a group with you; your network is much larger with other consultants working with you. As your side hustle grows, you can also recruit new consultants who contribute to their own sales and to your own bottom line. Introducing those who seem most passionate about Viv’s products and services to the idea of Life Consulting can be a next step for you.

Take the time

Many people take time off on the weekends and during the evenings because they think that is what they are supposed to do, but what about if the work you love energizes you and makes you want to continue? Why wait? When growing your side business, let yourself work those extra hours when you can tell the next big milestone is ahead: talk to one more customer, reach out to one more prospect. Take a well-earned break afterward, but don’t be afraid of big opportunities.

Taking the Leap to Full-Time Consulting

When scaling up a side hustle, it often benefits you to know what you are looking for. If you’ve been itching to throw just a few more hours into your side hustle, and you know you are nearing a big break, it may be worthwhile to take some amassed vacation and see what you can do with 5 or 10 days of “full-time side hustling.” Effective time management will let you use extra unproductive time in your day toward working on your side gig. With focus and a smart use of time, you’ll find your side gig could soon become your main gig. Finally, if you love your day job but your side gig starts really taking off, you have a position of strength: consider moving to 20 or 30 hours a week, and continue to find a perfect balance between your side hustle in consulting and the work you enjoy during the day.

The benefits of adding flexible, scalable work speak for themselves; if becoming a Viv Life Consultant sounds like the right next move for you, contact us to learn more about our unique products and marketing freedom.