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A traditional 9-5 job can be restrictive and can leave employees yearning for more. But how could you do more with limited time? That’s often the issue that keeps people from finding fulfillment.

The idea of taking up a new hobby or side job after hours is often thought to be impossible because flexibility is limited. Scalable work as a Viv Life Consultant, however, grants passionate people the ability to be their own boss. It allows you to earn or supplement an income, pick up and travel when you want and best of all, eliminates the hustle and bustle of commuting. It can be done in-house or on the go from your very own smartphone on lunch breaks, during the kids’ soccer practices or even for just a few hours on weekends.

Think of the time spent aimlessly scrolling social media each week and how the minutes go by without anything to show for it. Working with Viv allows people to build an income in that time, turning that time warp into productivity, allowing you to connect with others and make a difference by representing a product that you’re proud of.

Help inspire people to find their passion, make lives better and earn money. It’s a unique opportunity that creates:

A Flexible Lifestyle

Create a healthy work-life balance. Spend more time with friends and family by choosing your own hours. Viv offers consultants the freedom to work whenever it’s convenient. In between classes, putting the kids down for bed, before or after the gym or your beloved profession—you name it! Become your own boss and use that non-traditional downtime to your advantage while boosting your own capital.

The Opportunity to Create Change 

Keep life fresh and exciting as a Viv Life Consultant. Each day set new goals for yourself by allowing others to benefit from a vast product suite that is built upon making lives better. With tools like AutoPilot, which allows users to save on energy bills and eliminates surprise expenses; ConSeal to protect against identity theft; and TechRescue for all your technology needs and data backup, Viv is always on the lookout. Good products sell, especially when there’s a need for it. With virtual access to helpful materials, consultants are able to manage new ventures easily and successfully, while helping and connecting with individuals around the country.

One At A Time Give-Back Initiative 

Viv’s essential services automatically contribute to making a difference. On top of the services provided, Viv’s One at A Time initiative donates 1% of revenue to projects that help underserved communities . Now you’re helping three for the price of one—yourself, the consumer and someone in need!

Millions of people feel they are underpaid. Consulting is a great supplement to income for those who are unfulfilled by their biweekly paychecks, those who are looking to work their own hours and especially for those who are looking to start a new venture. The best part is that you’re helping others by helping yourself.