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What makes a good entrepreneur? Confidence, courageousness and above all else, determination. There is no denying that these dominant characteristics make for a successful person, but it is important to remember that these traits do not have to be ingrained in us from birth. They can be learned! Success comes in all forms and it is never too late to perfect the art. A strong mind comes from within and practice makes perfect.

Let’s face it; if a timid salesman approaches you, chances are the conversation won’t go so well. However, if a confident person approaches with the same product, odds are that people will be left motivated to learn more. Human beings feed off of energy. That is why it is important to think positively and stand tall!

Feeling good on the outside stems from feeling good on the inside and both are necessary for generating success. Here are some tips to help fuel self-confidence and lift the entrepreneurial spirit:

Positive Affirmations

Think happy, live happy. Wake up and jot down three things that make you happy or that you are thankful for each day. By encouraging your mind to freely and routinely think happy thoughts, you are creating great vibes which will show in spirit. By writing them down, you are pushing good thoughts out to the universe and in theory, creating more. Thinking of past accomplishments or loved ones is an excellent and uplifting way to start the day.

Eat Healthy 

You are what you eat. This is not to say that you must be a health guru. Start small with just one nourishing snack a day and make your way to one healthy meal and so forth. Try and remember how your body feels after—what you consume should increase your energy levels and encourage you to do more.

Dress the Part

Look good, feel good. Dressing up is a sign of self-respect. Even if you are not feeling positive some days, others will not notice that because your appearance displays confidence just the same. Most importantly, smile! It’s called the smile effect: every time you smile the brain releases serotonin, lifting your mood. Just a single smile can trick the mind into thinking that you’re happy, allowing others to feel noticed and valued, urging them to smile as well.

Create Your Own Lane

Live by your own rules. What sets your success apart from someone else’s is what your definition of success is. We don’t all have the same goals, so set yours, write them down and go get them!

Hustle Hard 

Don’t give up. It’s rare that anyone succeeds on the first try and if we did, what’s the point? It’s about the journey, not the last stop. Repetition is important when it comes to success because you will learn different techniques and methods for future use. So, learn to fall down and get back up again. Dusting yourself off is all part of the process and the reward is the lessons, experiences and relationships earned along the way.

Most importantly, believe in yourself. Self-confidence cannot be bottled and bought. It comes from experience and the only way to gain experience is to practice each day. In turn, the entrepreneurial spirit will grasp the attention it’s seeking. Experts say that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so keep at it!

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